Elmira Mikayil gizi Abbasly was born in Baku, in Icheri Sheher  (Inner City) – the historical, architectural heart of the city.

After graduating from high school she was admitted to the Geography Faculty of Azerbaijan State University. She was a member of the Artists’ Union of the USSR (and now of the Artists’ Union of Azerbaijan), a member of the Professional Artists of Russia, a bronze medallist of the Second International Biennale of Folk Dolls in Krakow (1989) and the holder of diplomas from many international exhibitions.


The artist and designer was a founder of the first private museum of dolls and national costume at the dolls’ centre Cheshme in Baku (1994-1996).

She has been making unique artistic dolls since 1983. She was the originator of the professional handmade doll in Azerbaijan. She has taught at the Children's Art Gallery for ten years. Her work has been displayed in exhibitions at national, Soviet Union and International levels.

Elmira Abbasly’s works are hugely successful with collectors and statesmen; they are presented to heads of state, visitors to the city, stars of stage and screen and other officials as gifts. Her works “live and breathe” in private collections in many countries, including Russia, the USA, England, Scotland, Japan, China, Malta, Germany, France and others.

Elmira khanim has two daughters, she lives and works in Baku and shares her experience with her students.

Her creations nowadays are highly imaginative, complex compositions with philosophical content and great spirituality.

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