The artworks presented here are created from environmentally-friendly materials.

Plastic: Super Sculpey, Sculpey, Das modelling paste, paperclay, paints, varnishes and other materials are her professional tools of choice.

A basic description of her work – the stand is made from natural wood, the armature is metal and the body filling is natural cotton. The figures’ faces, hands and feet are modelled from the above-mentioned materials; the hair is natural, rarely artificial; the faces are painted with acrylics.

Complex artistic techniques are used in the figurative design of the stand, which is the next stage of the work. Accessories, shoes, jewellery etc. are also created by the artist.

The works are accompanied by certificates bearing the work’s date of creation, size and materials used, all confirmed by the artist’s seal. The works displayed in the Gallery vary in size from 35x35x55cm to 60x40x90cm.

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